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Helmholtz-Zentrum für Ozeanforschung (GEOMAR)
Marine Biogeochemie
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Halocarbons in the Ocean and Atmosphere 

(HalOcAt) database project


  • HalOcAt brings together global oceanic and atmospheric data of mainly short-lived brominated and iodinated trace gases   

  • HalOcAt will publish global surface concentration fields and air-sea fluxes, with all data providers as coauthors

  • HalOcAt  will start to produce estimates of global air-sea flux in January 2010 using all data that has been assembled by that time. 

  • HalOcAt will make database available to the community by the end of 2010

  • HalOcAt will serve as source of comparison for individual data sets 

  • HalOcAt-database will eventually be published in a global data centre (no obligation for contributors)